From the stages of Carnegie Hall, the Boston Conservatory Symphony, the Singapore Symphony, and the Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra, Olivia Lu has distinguished herself as a classical harpist and pianist. Originally from Taiwan, Olivia’s career spans two decades of performing, teaching, and directing concerts across Asia and the United States.

Olivia attended the Boston Conservatory of Music on a scholarship and has earned two Masters degrees, one in Harp Performance and one in Music Education for Piano. In addition, Olivia took a Master Class with renowned French harpist Marie-Claire Jamet. In 1994, Olivia was a finalist for the prestigious Anne Adams Award for excellence in performance from the American Harp Society. She has recorded two CDs: “Harp Weaving Love” and “Harp Solo.”

Olivia has been teaching private music lessons since 1994 and has served on the faculty of the Long Island Conservatory in New York as well as Aletheia University, Eternal College, and Tamsui High School in Taiwan. She also served as Conductor of the Children’s Choir at Tamsui Cultural Center and was a judge for the Taiwan National Piano Competition from 2000 to 2003. In addition, Olivia teaches Master classes about harp and piano at universities and public schools throughout New York City.

She has organized concerts for several of her private students, including Beny Tu’s performances at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. In addition, she regularly performs  in and directs chamber music and solo concerts at public libraries throughout New York City.


音樂治療主任(2015-2016)紐約The 80th ST Residence 失智治療中心.

全美治療音樂師(2005年至今 )全紐約區的養老院.




Dementia Care Professionals of America 美國認證失智症護理證書2015年

CaringKind-Alzheimer’s Caregiving 美國認證失憶老人護理證書2016年





發行首張雙豎琴專輯「豎琴織愛」及豎琴獨奏專輯,並舉行全台47 場「千禧聖誕個人巡迥獨奏會,獲得許多熱烈回響,2000年

每年於卡內基音樂廳 Weill Recital 舉辦古典音樂演奏會-2007- 至今.

在波士頓交響音樂廳,台灣國家音樂廳,北京與上海音樂廳舉辦個人獨奏會1995 – 2002年.



1994年榮獲美國國內豎琴協會「Anne Adams」大奬


任敎於長島大學的豎琴/鋼琴教授 – 紐約2003-2005年.

任敎台灣真理大學應用學系講師 – 2000-2002年.